State Reporting & Compliancy for Inventory

MBS Inventory Management, Warehouse Management

Besides your employees, the physical inventory in your operations is the most important asset of your company.

The available on-hand counts are critical for a successful operation to maintain stock levels for your customers’ orders.

CannaPoint takes the stress out of monitoring the accuracy of your product levels between your store front and the State Regulatory Departments.

CannaPoint has your solution with an easy to use, simplified and totally integrated process between your product and the state’s counts.

  • All State Product tags can be scanned and used directly from the receiving dock to the cash register for product accountability
  • Quick and accurate updating of tags and batches to the State Reporting System
  • Automated reconciliation process to compare the State’s quantities with your in-store quantities with 2 clicks of a mouse
  • Multiple standard reports at your fingertips for margin calculations, turns of product, and sell through review
  • Quickly identify and track the source of material for both quality assurance, batch compliance, and testing purposes
  • Easy access to know what is growing, in stock, and in transit
  • Accurate on-hand inventory while tracking web orders and delivery orders
  • Built in limits for compliancy by customer type
  • Bulk flower can be weighed and labeled at separate stations
  • Easy tracking of expiration dates
  • Restrict sale of medical items by customer type
  • Accurate label printing with complete control over the label design

All these features and many more features makes CannaPoint the Premier Solution for your Cannabis Operations. For more details on our solution, please check out our website or contact us at 303-692-8200

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