In today’s business climate your business network is more vulnerable than ever before.   With worldwide access via the internet, the potential to an attack on your business is higher than ever.   Having the right tools and procedures in place are paramount.  The attackers are smart and use tools that can penetrate most networks if you do not use some of the basic measures that can stop them.

Mariner Business Solutions can assist in helping you put processes and procedure in place should you desire help. Mariner Business Solutions also has access to hardware and software to assist providing good security for your network.

  • Increase Access Control to Your Network
    • Secure access to your network is a critical part of security. Weak access (simple passwords) leaves your customer’s data and your data systems susceptible to a breach. Implement a strong password system, requiring use of a secure VPN for external access and even the use of Multi-Factor Password Authentication are critical. Strong passwords require a mix of upper and lower case letter, number and special characters. You should require the passwords to be changed every 30 days. VPN access requires the use of commercial grade firewalls to provide high security and the use of Multi-Factor Authentication can be as simple as utilizing an app on your cell phone
  • Keep Your Software Updated
    • The maintaining of operating system updates, application software updates and antivirus updates are crucial to keeping your network secure. Operating system updates usually contain fixes for security vulnerabilities. Anti-Virus updates contain fixes for new viruses found as will as patching any problems found since the last update of the software
  • Standardize Software
    • By standardizing the software on your systems makes you aware of all software being used and that allows you to respond to any problems immediately. By not allowing users to install software reduces the risk of infecting your network. Some best practices are having all operating systems, browser software (Google, etc.), media players and plugins all be the same. If problems are found in any of these systems actions can be taken swiftly to correct the problem for all systems
  • Use Best Network Protection Measures
    • Utilizing best practices on you network is essential. A commercial grade firewall is essential. Tracking attacks against your network (packet floods, Denial-of-Service, etc.), is imperative and there are tools available for this. The use of VPN’s for external access is a must
  • Secure Wireless Infrastructure
    • Utilize commercial grad Access Points that require encryption for accessing the Access Points. Utilize WPA2 and WES data encryption methods whenever possible. Change all the default passwords and the SSID (Service Set Identifier) that comes with your Access Point. Do not broadcast the SSID for your network thus preventing the scanning of the wireless devices to access your network. For your internal network you can require mobile devices utilize a MAC address for access to your network. If your network allows for segmentation, segment any Public Access for the internet on its own segment and require a complex password for accessing the internet
  • Employee Training
    • Due to the ever changing ways the attackers are trying to get to your network, continued training of your employees is essential. This training should include how to detect spoofs in emails, how to access your network securely as what to do should they sense a network breach