Gemalto CR5400
Double-Sided ID Card Reader

A quick look at the easy-to-use, affordable ID Card Reader from Gemalto

Every 2 seconds, an identity is stolen in the United States, reports CNN. Additionally, 46% of all identity theft crimes are committed with a fake ID.

To protect your business from fraud, you need dependable ID verification. This small, affordable, easy-to-use ID reader is the solution.

The Gemalto CR5400 Double-Sided ID Card Reader is a high quality document reader that scans and authenticates IDs/Driver’s Licenses in double-time, reading the front and back simultaneously. You can accurately process IDs in less than 4 seconds. 

Perfect for pharmacies (for insurance validation and prescription pickup), dispensaries and retail stores (for controlled products and loyalty programs), financial institutions (for ID theft prevention), schools and universities (for access control and account management).

This handy ID reader is user friendly – there’s no wrong way to insert the card into the reader – all you do is drop it in. The reader automatically ejects the card once it has been read.

And, in keeping with CDC best practices for social distancing and coronavirus safety protocols, the CR5400 can also be positioned so the customer can insert and retrieve their own ID for a contact-free interaction.

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