Point of Sale - Dispensary

Targeting the Dispensaries that need Seed to Sale functionality.

CannaPoint was developed specifically for the Cannabis industry dispensaries need for Seed to Sale functionality. The CannaPoint software utilizes the NCR Inventory Engine providing a proven system for tracking and controlling your Inventory. This integration allows for CannaPoint to handle all the facets of the Cannabis Industry from Seed to Sale.

CannaPoint software fits nicely into a multi-facet environment where the operator may also have a dispensary as well as multiple growing environments. This fully integrated solution includes features such as job cost analysis, inventory, point-of-sale, production control and state reporting and much more.


  • Quick 1 step process to check-in both Medical and Recreational customers using driver’s license
  • Track patients and customer in waiting room
  • Automatic age verification at both check-in and show room by reading driver’s license barcode
  • Automatic calculation of the medical license card expiration date
  • Able to maintain data for demographics based on company requirements
  • Integrated patient information within customer database
  • Require all items be scanned for purchases at the register
  • Specific pricing by store and product type
  • User determined Coupons, Discounts and Rewards Program
  • Integrated Gift Card selling and redemption including historical activity
  • Allow multiple forms of payment
  • Single label at point of sale to include required product information – weight, potency, grow, METRC tag, batch
  • Notification Alert at the register based on the cash amount in drawer
  • Patient CRM—complete Customer Relations Manager with notes, purchase history and file system for physician recommendations, Medical Card and other documents
  • Email Receipts if requested
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Easy Daily Reconciliation of Cash Drawers
  • Integrated Loyalty program without additional fees.
  • Tracking and recording of test results before product is put into system for sale.
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