Feb 26, 2020 | Ecommerce Solution, Marketing

Omni Channel eCommerce

Ecommerce Solution, Marketing

Mariner’s eCommerce solution makes it easy to sell online.

All the features you need for a successful online presence are built into the CannaPoint software. 

We combine the best of breed eCommerce software – Magento – and CannaPoint into one solution so you can manage your eCommerce store and dispensary from one common interface.

With Mariner’s assistance, you can be online quickly with low monthly cost and minimal startup fee. 

Why learn multiple software platforms? With Mariner’s eCommerce solution, you can have it all on one platform.

  • Fully integrated with ecommerce site utilizing one inventory system
  • Easy to use and maintain without needing a full-time web person
  • Order online—pick up at store
  • Integrated gift card for in-store shopping and online purchases
  • Eliminate charge for 3rd party gift cards

Web Store Design

Mariner recognizes the importance of brand continuity. The Mariner web team will work with you to develop the design of your eCommerce site to continue your overall brand look and feel


Unlimited Images & Videos

The Mariner eCommerce package offers MORE image features for customers to see the product details, color, and texture. Built-in zooms let consumers see the finer details of every product. Show off the front, back, inside, and other views of each product with an unlimited number of alternate images and videos.



High Performance and Economical Hosting – Mariner’s hosting platform is designed especially for high performance and speed for the Magento eCommerce software. Our pricing is based on a flat rate with no escalating in price based on sales volume.

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