MBS Scale (Weighing) App

The CannaPoint MBS Scale is fully integrated

Integrated Scale for accurate weighing and printing of label (including exit information) for loose Flower in your Dispensary.


  • Easy entry to scan the item barcode tag and weigh the product.
  • One touch process to print the label.
  • Any barcode scanner can be used to scan the tag.
  • The barcode that prints out after weighing the item contains the METRC tag and weight.
  • Scan the barcode to sell the correct item and weight of the product at the register.
  • The Scale App works as a stand-alone application or with CannaPoint.
  • Prints potency and item detail on the label.
  • The “weigh label” can contain and print out all of the “exit label” information thus eliminating the need to double print the exit label at the time of check out.


Scale Features

  • 320 gram X 0.001-gram weight capability
  • Multiple weighing units
  • USB interface
  • Digital calibration
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