MBS eCommerce

Mariner’s eCommerce Solution makes it easy to sell online

Mariner’s solution combines the best of breed ecommerce software – Magento and CannaPoint into one solution. Manage your ecommerce store and dispensary from one common interface – the CannaPoint Management System.

Omni Channel eCommerce

Mariner’s ecommerce Solution makes it easy to sell online. All the features you need for a successful online presence are built into the CannaPoint software. Mariner’s solution combines the best of breed ecommerce software – Magento and CannaPoint...

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MBS Mobile Messaging App

MBS Moblie Messaging integrates with your CannaPoint Enterprise System offering features and capabilities other text marketing tools cannot deliver Recurring Text Campaigns MBS Mobile Messaging maximizes your customer information stored in your...

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MBS Live Menu Board

Digital menus is dispensary or retail shop Fully integrated and designed to improve customer experience and increase sales Automatic inventory updates Multiple themes Fast install - includes updates and prices

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Email Marketing

Leverage your customer data to do targeted marketing Design campaigns to build your brand and create new sales opportunities Use reporting tools to refine your marketing for maximum returns Decrease advertising spending while increasing its...

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