Inventory Management

The CannaPoint Inventory Management System

The CannaPoint Inventory System is an integral part to your business.  The system not only tracks and controls your inventory but is an important part of maintaining compliance with all state regulations.  The system maintains optimum inventory levels, control costs and tracks all inventory item turns.  Your inventory picture is “up-to-the-minute” and you will know what is in-stock, on-order and in-transit.  You can define substitute items, multiple price levels, sales prices and much more.


  • Track converted material back to the source for both quality assurance, batch compliance and testing purposes
  • Accurately record data necessary for compliance purposes
  • Printing of accurate product labels
  • Mange warehouse transactions


  • Transport manifest—create, submit and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver and cargo contained for reconciliation.
  • Track store transfers by METRC manifest number
  • Transfer restrictions of product to stores
  • Mobile computing for product transfers both in and out


  • Up-to-the-minute inventory picture
  • Maintain reporting needs on grown and third party flower
  • Easily update prices globally — all stores and warehouse
  • Tracks Terpene codes by strain
  • User screen to maintain strain information
  • Integrated physical inventory tracking between in store and METRC


  • Purchase requests can be automatically generated based on:
  • Gridded Items – Allows for tracking of package Id’s by item number and locations
  • Electronically send orders to vendors.
  • Allocated PO’s
  • Return to Vendors – handling of items received that may be damaged or mis-ordered.
  • Multiple reports for tracking PO’s verifying shipments
  • Labels can be generated for all items on the PO at the end of the PO Transaction.
  • Accounts Payable Interface


  • Items can be received into inventory with or without a PO
  • During receiving PO’s may be retrieved by PO number, Vendor or keyword search field
  • PO can be received in full or only selected items
  • Backorders can be created automatically or canceled for items not received.
  • Create additional lines, change, reissue or reprint the PO upon receiving of merchandise that arrives without a PO.
  • Add additional charges such as shipping expense during receiving and optionally include in landed cost.
  • Detailed reporting including Received PO’s and cancellations.
  • Track Package Tags
  • Mobile computing for Purchasing.


  • Complete test results retained in database for Microbial, Potency and Residual testing by batches
  • Reporting available on pass/fail batches
  • Generate reports for any activity related to testing batches
  • Batch tracking and weight reconciliation between METRC and CannaPoint
  • METRC tag tracking from Harvesting to Sell transactions
  • Integrated label printing for all items
  • Handles Conversions and Re-Packaging


Go paperless with Mariner’s Production Solution.

  • Track growing plants, manage transplant schedules, monitor movement of items to various growing locations, verifying physical inventories (counts) and grading of crops can be accomplished via our wireless handheld device.
  • The devices can store data prior to transmitting to the office where ever the wireless network does not provide adequate coverage at your location.
  • The wireless devices save time and increase accuracy for functions like sticking of plants, transplanting, physical counts, grading and area moves.