The CannaPoint production module is fully integrated into our business management system.

This system includes handling supplier’s orders and receiving, maintaining customers and their associated accounts receivable balances, and printing sales analysis reports.

Included apps provide managed alerts to staff personnel, email marketing  for vendors and customers, mobile wireless systems, and a web-based order system.

1. Sales and order entry for growers.

  • Track the sales of the plants through the billing cycle, including quotes, orders, invoices, statements and receiving payments.
  • Multiple and flexible pricing rules provide automatic calculation for customer orders. Availability lists can be created for output to the web, fax and /or email.
  • Use the availability lists as a shortcut to quickly enter customer requests without the need to re-key orders.
  • Built-in forms for printing pick and pack lists and billing invoices.
  • Integrated email marketing for marketing to current and prospective customers.

2. Cultivation management.

  • Track all parts of the plant during harvest including weights as Wet, Dry and Trim quantities.
  • Identify custom workflows and grading analysis.
  • Create custom workflows or process solutions.
  • This module allows entry of all METRC tags from each plant grown along with additional growing information.
  • The system includes monitor losses and stock locations.
  • Reports include Yield Forecasting to predict yields for future days based on previous harvest data and growing conditions; genealogy tracking on all plant genetics; monitor additional growing processes such as pesticides, water and light changes with strain notes.

3. Paperless data collection/mobile computing. 

  • Track growing plants, manage transplant schedules, monitor movement of items to various growing locations, verifying physical inventories (counts) with our wireless handheld device.
  • The devices are able to store data prior to transmitting to the office when the wireless network does not provide adequate coverage at your location.
  • Wireless devices save time and increase accuracy for functions like sticking of plants, transplanting, physical counts, grading and area moves.

4. Integration with State reporting/tracking system.

  • Integration to State METRC reporting and tracking systems. Integrations are automated and scheduled daily for plants, packages, customers, and sales.
  • Print compliant labels from production and sales, including user-defined labels.
  • Create and print transfer manifests.

5. Sales trends.

  • Determine what you need to grow can be based on spec growing or contract orders.
  • Plan what you need to grow by utilizing the built-in planting schedule which encompasses analyzing data from previous years’ activity.
  • Can be fine-tuned with the date from customer orders for quantities and delivery dates, propagation type, and germination timelines.
  • Control growing cycle with functions including monitor counts, loss production, and location of stock in the field and/or growing houses.
  • Manage inventory of growing stock for availability lists to your customers based on grade.
  • Monitor all aspects of growing, availability and historical data with Sales, Inventory, Growing and Supplier reports.

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