If you’re a grower or dispensary owner in the cannabis industry, you know the importance of compliance. Failure to meet compliance regulations can result in hefty fines or even the revocation of your license.

While regulations vary from state to state, according to compliance expert Tim Gunther* (The Compliance Guy, ILoveCompliance.biz) there are 5 critical compliance issues every dispensary must address:

1) Inventory Control – regular inventory audits are crucial. Inventory in your POS system must match what is in the state seed-to sale-tracking system. Recently, a dispensary in Maryland was fined $5,000 for having inventory that did not match what was reported in the state system. To avoid this, work with a POS vendor who has the ability to create reports to pinpoint inventory discrepancies.

  CannaPoint’s Inventory History Report and Reconciliation –

This report gives CannaPoint users the ability to easily reconcile all transactions with the state including sending corrections with the proper reason codes attached.

2) Waste Logs 
– Make sure you understand your state’s cannabis waste process and develop a Standard Operating Procedure to address waste reporting. It is important that your POS vendor has the ability to show items that have been wasted and links to the state seed-to-sale tracking system.

  CannaPoint’s Forensic Inventory Report –

This report allows you to track any item’s history through the entire growth and sales cycle from seed to sale. 

3) Video Surveillance
  Almost every state has a requirement to maintain video surveillance for some period of time, usually between 30 to 90 days. You should conduct monthly security audits on your camera system to verify that you can retrieve video from any random date within a 30-day window.

We recommend going back to the furthest date you are required to have on file, for example in Florida it is 45 days. Then make sure you have video coverage from that day. If you don’t, you need to generate an internal incident report explaining that the video footage was missing during an internal audit. Then check with your vendor to diagnose the problem.

  Mariner’s Camera Solution powered by Meraki Smart Cameras –

Cameras allow dispensary owners to quickly and easily search through video archives using advanced analytics and motion searches. Cloud-based management makes for simple setup and ease of use.

4) Double Scanning
 – In almost all legal cannabis markets, the state requires a licensee to have all individual items tagged with tracking numbers. We’ve often seen sales agents selling 3 of the same item to a consumer and scan a single item three times. This is not the proper way to do it because it will lead to inventory discrepancies. Each item should be scanned individually.

  Mariner’s Camera Solution powered by Meraki Smart Cameras –

Cameras allow managers to easily see if budtenders are scanning individual items as required by the state.


5) Training and Document Records – Most states have a requirement for licensed agents to follow standard operating procedures and training, and have the ability to show they have read and understand those items. You must keep accurate logs or, better yet, invest in a document management or training management system to track it automatically. Remember, “if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen”.

  Mariner’s Camera Solution powered by Meraki Smart Cameras –

Managers can record training sessions for proof that procedures are being followed.


* A special shout out to Tim Gunther, The Compliance Guy for his insights about these 5 crucial areas of compliance.  CONTACT: tim@ILoveCompliance.biz  |  (844) 452-2667 ext 700


All these features and more make CannaPoint the best solution for your Cannabis Operations. For more details on our solution contact us at 303-692-8200

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