Mariner offers many enterprise integrations to help you run your business efficiently and securely.

These include eCommerce, Dashboards, Automated Marketing, Labor Management, Network/Data Security, Warehouse Management, Payment Processing, and more.

Mariner’s eCommerce solution makes it easy to sell online

Mariner’s solution combines the best of breed eCommerce software, Magento*, and CannaPoint into one solution. Manage your eCommerce store and dispensary from one common interface.

  • Integrations available for Leafly, I Heart Jane, and Weedmaps.
  • Fully integrated with ecommerce site utilizing one inventory system
  • Easy to use and maintain without needing a full-time web person
  • Order online—pick up at store
  • Integrated gift cards for in-store shopping and online purchases
  • Eliminate charges for 3rd party gift cards

Web Store Design
Mariner recognizes the importance of brand continuity. The Mariner web team will work with you to develop the design of your eCommerce site to continue your overall brand look and feel.

Unlimited Images and Videos
The Mariner eCommerce package offers MORE image features for customers to see the product details, color, and texture. Built-in zooms let consumers see the finer details of every product. Show off the front, back, inside, and other views of each product with an unlimited number of alternate images and videos.

High Performance and Economical Hosting – Mariner’s hosting platform is designed especially for high performance and speed for the Magento eCommerce software. Our pricing is based on a flat rate with no escalating in price based on sales volume.

Labor Management/Time Clock powered by Buddy Punch

Tracks employee time and attendance with robust payroll exports that provide a comprehensive view of labor costs across all departments and locations.


Powered by Buddy Punch, our web/app-based scheduling software tracks employee time and attendance with robust payroll exports that provide managers a comprehensive view of labor costs across all departments and/or locations.

  • Manage paid and unpaid time off without calculations or spreadsheets
  • Run customizable reports to simplify payroll
  • Integrates with your payroll software
  • Push notifications let your employees know when they should be working or when they’ve forgotten to punch in
  • Monitor overtime and who is making changes to their time card with real-time alerts
  • Monitor your employees' location by using our GPS tracker
  • Optional webcam and device lock features to control and monitor who is punching in
  • Track time-off requests with our built-in calendar that allows employees to book or request time off
  • Quickly review, verify, input, and analyze employee timesheets in minutes

Additional details here.

Mariner’s Charts and Graphs package offers quick, easy-to-digest data summaries

Responsive data analytics can help you monitor the health of your business and reveal sales trends and growth opportunities.

  • Inventory margins and selling trends
  • COGS & Margins – total business, by store, category, top revenue producers
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Units per Transactions
  • Dollars by Ticket
  • Sales by Hour/Day
  • Sales by Sales Rep

NCR Customer Connect email marketing app

Connect with customers, deepen brand loyalty, and drive sales directly from your CannaPoint database.

  • Create automated recurring email campaigns - welcome new customers, acknowledge birthdays, send loyalty program statements, offer special discounts/flash sales
  • Target emails to specific customer segments
  • Campaign reporting ties open rates/clicks to sales
  • Easily integrates with CannaPoint
  • Decrease advertising spending while increasing its effectiveness

Mariner’s Mobile Messaging for text marketing campaigns

Integrates with your CannaPoint Enterprise System. Includes features and functionality other text marketing tools can’t deliver.

• Text Message Marketing by Topic
Send text messages to customers and prospects based on product categories, keywords, targeted topics of interest, and more.
• Scheduled Texts 
Increase your customer connections with text messages promoting events, sales, new introductions and more.
• Auto Send Text
Put your marketing on auto pilot with triggered text messages. For example:
1). Text your customers after their purchase, thanking them and inviting them to post a review.
2). Text your customers when they haven't shopped with you in awhile.
3). Text your customers for birthdays and anniversaries.
Use Internal and External Lists
Communicate to your loyal customers and market to prospects.
• Bounce Back Reports
Measure your text message results to drive decisions about future campaigns.
• Option to Opt Out
Give your customer the choice to opt in or out of your text messaging program.

Secure WiFi products to improve efficiencies

Take your operations mobile with WiFi devices that facilitate operations like curbside check-in, touchless payments, physical inventory, receiving, and more.



  • To make sales on-site, in-store, or curbside
  • Line busting
  • Access internet to assist in product selection
  • Inventory receiving, transfers, purchasing
  • Cellular option in case of faulty wifi
  • 2D scanner built-in
  • Drivers license scanning
  • Docking station included for use as a register


  • Connects via bluetooth
  • No signature required
  • Connects to Secure Pay
  • Attaches to tablet or handheld
  • Secure and touchless


  • Create hold tickets for sales orders, line busting, etc.
  • Receiving and purchasing
  • Transfers
  • Physical Inventory
  • Long Range Scanning


  • Guest WIFI and corporate network WIFI
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified cloud networking platform with built-in compliance checking to validate network configuration. Cloud data fully encrypted with SSL and securely stored
  • PCI DSS reporting
  • WPA2 encryption for wireless traffic
  • Wireless health notifications
  • Simple setup for multiple locations, no onsite technician required
  • Built in firewall
  • Powerful analysis and visualizations, heat maps
  • Utilize Facebook check-in to collect customer demographics


  • Protect your data from malicious attacks
  • Easy to implement and setup remote workers (3 clicks)
  • Content filtering protects network from inappropriate/harmful content
  • Ensures PCI compliancy
  • Failover system to cellular connection for continuous internet access for data transfer and credit card authorizations


  • Various devices for mobility, security and touchless environments


Mariner has partnered with Cisco Meraki, Microsoft, Webroot and other vendors to provide a secure and compliant environment for your business. 

  • Smart cameras with facial recognition
  • Actively managed firewall hardware and service
  • Managed access points with network analytics
  • Employee cards for secure transactions


  • Centralized cloud management
  • Simple setup from a single box
  • Bandwidth-conscious high definition video
  • Advanced on-board mobile processor
  • SSL security and data encryption]


  • Centralized cloud management
  • Intrusion detection engine
  • Layer 7 traffic classification and control
  • Identity-based and device-aware security
  • 3G/4G cellular and dual uplink support


  • Centralized cloud management
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Multi-site management
  • Smart analytics dashboard
  • Faster connections and capacity


  • Reduce buddy punching
  • Eliminate comp and void fraud
  • Speed up system access
  • Restrict and manage access
  • Promote accountability/productivity

For product specifics, see our catalog of security hardware.

Mariner Payment Solutions

Mariner offers several payment processing options including cashless ATMs, PIN debit, and CBD processing. 


Increase revenue by up to 25% with card payments

  • Cashless ATM fees starting at $3.25 per transaction (paid by consumer)
  • PIN Debit starting at 2.95%
  • Cannabis banking accounts from industry friendly banks and credit unions
  • Secure, fast, compliant transactions
  • Integrated and non-integrated options available
  • PCI-DSS compliant

Samsung Business TV

Time-strapped small business owners with limited resources need signage that’s easy to update. Samsung displays are an effective way to communicate with customers.

  • Create Brand awareness
  • Drive return traffic thru engaging sales promotions
  • Sync POS inventory data in real time for accuracy
  • Cloud based management for ease of use
  • Real time remote content distribution
  • Embedded media player for simplicity and cost
  • Powered by Samsung displays for optimal color and resolution

NCR Smart Alerts allow you to keep track of store activity

Text or email alerts allow you to track store activity whether you’re there or not. Choose the alert parameters that best suit your business needs.

  • Store operations
  • Daily sales figures
  • Fraud prevention
  • Customer service
  • Custom alerts based on your business needs

Mariner Data Hosting

A lot rides on proper storage, security, and handling of data. Mariner Data Hosting will store and manage access to your important data so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Redundant mechanical and electrical infrastructure for maximum uptime
  • Denver location for reduced exposure to natural disaster risks
  • Safe and secure with annual Type 2 SOC 1 audits and ISO 27001 certification
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • 24x7 onsite engineering and security
  • Options for all budget types

Warehouse Management powered by Mariner

Mariner’s Warehouse Management solution integrates wireless equipment and technology to maintain an efficient way to store, track, and find your products.

  • Track products in multiple physical locations
  • Manage inventory from anywhere in the warehouse with mobile devices and tablets
  • View reports by physical location in a warehouse
  • Scalable to handle the inventory data for a single warehouse to an unlimited number of physical warehouse locations
  • Unlimited number of manufacturer barcodes can be associated with an item or create your own barcodes by using the system’s auto-generate barcode feature
  • Manage moves between bin locations easily with wireless devices
  • Generate reconciliation reports


  • Multi-location purchasing with automatic distribution by location
  • Drop ship purchase orders
  • Suggested purchase quantities using built in features to order by par levels or past sales activity
  • Purchase orders can be copied, reissued, cancelled and reprinted on demand


  • Receive full or partial quantities from Purchase Orders
  • Adjust shipments at the time of receiving for cost or quantity
  • Add items on-the-fly for different items received than ordered
  • Print labels automatically for product received


  • Create transfer in’s automatically based on supply and demand
  • Automatically suggests selection of items by quantity on hand and location
  • Print picking forms and transfer reports
  • Differences between quantities sent and received are automatically reconciled


  • Software can suggest a default bin location for quick location storing
  • Printing bin location bar code labels on demand
  • Ability to scan any one of multiple barcodes for the product and link to original receiving document and items
  • Verify product being scanned on handheld device


  • Back-end accounting interfaces allow for one-touch invoicing to accounts payable
  • Prevents duplicate entry of outstanding invoices from supplier
  • Able to include shipping or other add-on costs to be included in margin calculations
  • Apply multiple or partial shipments to a supplier’s invoice
  • Report on open and invoiced bills from suppliers
  • Print and email monthly customer statements in a variety of formats
  • Able to enter full or partial payments on account
  • Reporting includes aging, customer activity, all types of customer history reporting


  • Enter receiving adjustments for cost changes not previously entered
  • Generate returns to vendor to monitor credits due from suppliers
  • Use adjustments to inventory for breakage, shrinkage and damaged goods
  • Reporting by specific product or type of damage activity


  • Print pick tickets in bin order
  • Master pick ticket for multiple warehouse pulls
  • Able to use wireless devices for obtain accurate and efficient entry of counts
  • Able to select transfers quantities by sales replenishment or par levels
  • Print reconciliation reports
  • Wireless devices to quickly receive product into the warehouse and move to correct bin
  • Identify bin location in warehouse for default storage area


  • Forms for estimates and invoices include company logo
  • Able to reprint invoices on demand for current or past customer history
  • Emailing is integrated with system for invoices, statements and other forms
  • Multiple choices for forms of payment are available.
  • Reporting is available based on open customer orders, back orders and special orders.
  • Print pick tickets in bin order
  • Master pick ticket for sales order pulls
  • Print pick tickets by customer
  • Able to select to ship all product or partial shipments from an order
  • Able to use wireless devices to capture quantities and bin locations easily


  • Create shipping or waybill forms
  • Able to create shipments based on ship-date requirements
  • Include additional shipping costs to customer shipments or transfers

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