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7 Tips for Better Results with Email and Text Marketing

Get permission from your patients and customers before emailing and texting them. Knowing the customer has opted-in and agreed to your solicitation solidifies that the customer is interested in your product or service.  This builds a stronger database for marketing efforts

Flooding customers with emails and texts usually does not have good results.  Make sure your customers don’t feel they are flooded with messages at inappropriate hours or on spam mail/test list.   Vary the frequency of your messaging and be respectfully of your customers time and privacy.

Know your customer base.  Segment your customers by mining your database and sending information based on your customer’s buying habits.  For example, send messages to customers that buy edibles, information on new edible products or specials. You would not send to customers that only buy flower.  Studies have shown that click-through rates are 14% higher and conversion rates are 10% higher when personalized.   More information at Campaign Monitor.

Make sure your content is relevant and adds value to your customers’ experience with your business or brand.  In addition to promotional messages, provide useful information about your product and services to your customers.   This content will bring a higher level of customer interaction with your business and often creates a level of anticipation and surprise.  Make sure your content is optimized for mobile, such as short subject lines, one-column email designs, and use larger fonts for mobile.

Customers must always have an easy way to opt-out of emails and texts.   The TCPA (Telephone consumer Protection Act) put laws in place to protect customers from receiving spam and the ability to opt out of messages.   Make sure you offer an easy way to opt out of emails and texts by including a simple statement at the bottom of each text or email.

Know the rules especially for texting.  The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) requires SMS marketers to include “Message and Data rates apply” in auto-reply messages.  This disclaimer should be added to the bottom of your text messages – such as “STOP to cancel”.

Always measure everything you do for emailing and texting. You should track how users are engaging with your email and text campaigns.  Track opens and click through.  You should also track your opt-out messages to give you an idea why people are opting out of your messages.  Most messages are opened within 60 minutes so checking your open rates and times gives you a reading on how well your messaging is being accepted.

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