About Mariner Business Solutions

Committed to providing what you NEED to make your business BETTER.

Mariner Business Solutions (MBS) began as a financial accounting solutions provider for retail businesses in 1983. MBS became a reseller of the CounterPoint software, a complete retail management solution, in 1993. Since then, MBS has expanded the point-of-sale software by adding customized solutions and other vertical offerings. CannaPoint, a customized MBS software solution for Seed to Sale operations for the Cannabis Industry, was implemented in July 2017. MBS provides complete IT support for their CannaPoint software and their add-ons such as accounting, e-commerce and warehouse management.

MBS provides solutions to our clients that are timely, efficient and cost effective. In addition to CannaPoint’s core point-of-sale system, MBS offers industry-specific solutions that are specially tailored and integrate together to help your daily operations run more efficiently. We continue to expand our product and service offerings as the retail environment evolves. Some of our customized solutions include:

  • E-commerce integration for online stores
  • Managed services facilities with complete network IT support
  • Handheld applications for sales and inventory management
  • Integration to most Financial Accounting Packages – including ERP packages


With more than two decades of experience as a CounterPoint Retail Management provider under our belts, we understand the many facets of retail business from the ground up. Our team has a diverse and extensive retail background – whether you are selling petunias or paintings, bicycles or baseball gloves, we seek out new ways of providing outstanding service and support to our clients. Our experience in the horticultural business has provided us with a solid foundation for providing Seed to Sale solution for the Cannabis Industry.


  • Technical Support
  • Installation and Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Marketing Services


Our highly qualified and trained team of experts is committed  to providing you the support you need to maintain your  system.

Our Live Support portal, with remote access capabilities, allows our team to quickly and effectively troubleshoot and resolve any difficulties you may have.