Don’t make the costly mistake of choosing a point of sale/retail management system that can’t grow with your business.

CannaPoint was developed with Seed-to-Sale functionality for the cannabis industry — including Point of Sale, Inventory Tracking, Production, Manufacturing, and accurate State Reporting.

The CannaPoint software utilizes the NCR Inventory Engine providing a proven system for tracking and controlling your inventory – whether you have one retail location or operate multiple dispensaries.

In addition to supporting stand-alone POS stations, CannaPoint Mobile POS allows you to go wireless with tablets and handheld devices specifically designed for your crucial business applications like contact-free check-in.

Does your dispensary’s POS system include these mission-critical features?

  • Full Enterprise Solution – track by store or location – manage all inventories from one enterprise database, including dispensaries, cultivation or manufacturing operations.
  • Integrates to most Windows-based Accounting/ERP, Leafly and Other Software to future-proof your business.
  • Offline built into the system from the start, so you can keep lines moving even if you lose connection to your local system or the internet.
  • Full Suite of CRM products included in the core software – Loyalty, texting, emailing, ecommerce, custom alerts via text messages for both dispensaries and cultivation facilities.
  • Integrated labor scheduling.
  • Automated State Compliancy API’s built-in for sales, production and inventory control.
  • Unparalleled Support to quickly and efficiently handle any technical issues.
  • Inclusive Unlimited Reports to fit your every need available any time.
  • Software and hardware solutions offered. Support all aspects of your dispensaries, cultivation and/or manufacturing operations.
  • One vendor for a seamless enterprise solution.

We offer budget-friendly monthly pricing for software and support – starting at $150 per concurrent user per month, as well as lease options for hardware, and training packages.


All these features and more make CannaPoint the best solution for your Cannabis Operations. For more details contact us at 303-692-8200

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