This session will show you some insider shortcuts and practices that you can take back to your office and start using immediately.

Do you know which keyboard key can put in ‘today’s date’ with a single keystroke?

How you can instantly boost sales by 10-15% at checkout?

What single screen allows you to view everyone’s open work?

This session is your first step to increasing your productivity with CounterPoint.

Have you ever wished for a quicker way to enter new items, update vendor price changes or adding barcodes for your existing product?

This session will demonstrate the tools available for importing data into Counterpoint.

We will focus on the steps to create the spreadsheet, update the information provided by outside parties or vendors, test and successfully import your data quickly and efficiently into the SQL database.

This session looks at the various tools which can be used to get to your data from the Counterpoint database.

There are multiple ways to export your data for use in Windows programs such as Excel or Word and other third-party programs.

Information can be extracted from lookups in maintenance screens, tables or views in Data Interchange, using the DB export tool, as well as from a report preview.

In addition, the use of filters allows you to get only the data you need.

Would you like to create custom reports from your copy of Crystal Report Designer?

Then this is the session for you. Basic steps for building your own reports will be demonstrated using Quick Reports and Counterpoint templates.

Plus, steps to enhance existing reports using SQL stored procedures, custom views, custom tables and columns will be discussed, as well as adding your new report to the menu codes.

This is an open forum for you to ask your Counterpoint questions to a panel of CounterPoint experts.

Bring your questions and we will answer as many as possible during the session.

Any topic regarding the Counterpoint database, daily operations, reports, error messages or any other topic that you would like to bring to the panel are welcomed.

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Conference Registration

Conference Fee $95*
*Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided as well as refreshments throughout the day.


Hotel Reservations

Contact the Marriott Courtyard Cherry Creek with the link below for your special group rate of $129 USD per night.

Reservations need to be made by 8/20/18 to receive the discounted rate.